We together with NGO and multi-commemorated non-profit The Non-Violence Project has the honour of presenting an exclusive product to promote peace and non-violence in some of the world’s most challenging urban areas: We call it Shirts For Peace.

Three signature pieces from the Schnayderman’s stock collection have been specially adorned with the symbol of the Non-Violence Project; the Knotted Gun.

We don’t have a logo on our shirts, simply because we don’t believe in it. But, for the Shirts for Peace collaboration, we felt it was the perfect exception to the rule. So if you need a logo on your chest, at least choose a logo that matters.

We want people to roll up those sleeves and get to work – to make today count. So collaborating with The Non-Violence Project was a perfect match.

– For each shirt, we will send The Non-Violence Education Program to a school of your choice. Make a post with #shirtsforpeace stating which one, and we’ll make it happen. Creating a non-violent world, once school at a time, says Rolf Skjöldebrand, Co-Founder of The Non-Violence Project.

The sculpture The Knotted Gun was created as a memorial tribute to John Lennon in 1980 by the Swedish artist Carl-Fredrik Reuterswärd. It is placed in over thirty strategic public locations around the world, including the UN Headquarters in New York City, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town and the Peace Park in Beijing. The symbol belongs to The Non-Violence Project Foundation which is an independent and non-political organization financed through sponsorships, donations and licence revenues.

Since the foundation in Sweden in 1993, The Non-Violence Project has reached out to over 6 million young people across the world, educating children how to solve conflicts without resorting to violence in cities such as Mexico City, Johannesburg, São Paulo, Miami, Kampala and Rio de Janeiro. The Non-Violence Project also make unique artists editions of the Knotted Gun where icons such as Yoko Ono, Muhammed Ali, Ringo Starr and WeiWei among hundreds of others have created their own version to endorse the mission. The Non-Violence Movement is a brand aimed to increase awareness and create revenue for The Non-Violence Project through activites such as events, partnerships etc.