For this season we bring new life to the symbol “Touche pas à mon pote” that originated in France 1985 and later was brought to Sweden the same year as “Rör inte min kompis”. The result is a limited edition capsule collection where we have re-worked the symbol into an English version but has stayed true to its original shape as a hand. The first drop will be released in mid-December 2018 - but the project will be ongoing with several smaller drops throughout 2019.

We are very passionate about the “Don’t touch my friend” symbol as it stands firmly against all kinds of intolerance and unifies us to embrace individuality and diversity.

The first drop consists of Overshirts, Shirts and Tote bags made from upcycled stock fabrics that all carry a version of the symbol. The symbol is re-worked in a new colourway; bright signal orange with a white and a black outline. The hand has been interpreted into a large chenille badge, a small placed embroidery patch and a screen print. There will also be a limited edition silver brooch available exclusively at our Stockholm store.

During the course of the campaign, we will promote, support and collaborate with personalities and invite them to share their stories to inspire others in their personal journey.

There is no better time than now to shed light on people with unique stories to tell, who deserve to be celebrated but are often faced with ignorance and prejudice. As someone who grew up during the 80’s I feel really connected to this symbol and hope it can have as great of an impact today as it did back then.