For our next interview we talked to our close friends Alice and Ebba. The concept of identity is very interesting to talk about in terms of twins. Because twin DNA is practically identical when they are born, each must take on a journey of self-discovery to forge their own identity. So how do you create your own identity as an identical twin or do you even need to create your own? It was very interesting to pick Alice and Ebba’s brain on the concept on identity from a twin perspective

What does identity mean to you?
Identity is what separates you from everyone else. Your personality and the choices you make create the brand that is “you”. Identity, as a concept, has always been very present for us as identical twins. Our whole life we’ve been trying to figure out what makes us different from each other, how to separate us. But in fact, we are very alike. So, you end up reflecting a lot on your identity, and to be real it takes too much energy. Instead of seeing identity as something predetermined for you to find, we’ve come to see identity as something changeable for you to play with.

How does fashion impact the way we express our identity?
Fashion plays a huge roll, especially in making a first impression. Fashion can be used to expose who you are or hide your true self. A very good tool, in other words. For us, clothing has been an easy way to differentiate one from the other. Although we have similar style, we’ve heard “oh you look like your twin today” many times – proving the great impact fashion has on expressing your identity.

Were you part of any subcultures growing up?
Oh yes! Ebba was super hippie and Alice was full out goth for many years. It was crazy. No, we’re just kidding. We grew up in a small town in Skåne and were rarely exposed to any kind of sub-cultures. (We had to google “sub-cultures” and hippie and goth were the first two examples). The most important thing growing up was to FIT IN. Luckily our main goal changed after a year in Paris. Now, all we wanted was to STAND OUT.    

How much control do we have in shaping our own identities?
People have always given us different characteristics – Alice is the happy one, Ebba is the moody one. Alice is the quiet one, Ebba is the outgoing one. You had to choose between believing it or disproving it. The realization that people will perceive you differently based on experiences and stereotypes, has made us grow the self-confidence and strength to take control over our own identities.