The next interviewee in our identity series is @ericjess. Erics off-duty style and documentation of his life in New York make him a great source of inspiration. His effortless ability to shift styles display a great versatility and sartorial depth. With a finger on the pulse of today’s trends and the integrity of doing his own thing, Eric is definitely a multi-hyphenate you should keep your eyes on.

What does identity mean to you?
Identify to me is mostly innate but every changing. It’s the way we present to the world and to ourselves.

Do you think that the premises of what we build our identities on are changing with the younger generations today?
Yes, for sure. With growing up with the internet our environment has expanded so much. It’s no longer just our town or neighborhood and instead we get to be influenced by the world of the internet. Given us the opportunity to find micro communities of the like minded. These communities celebrate unique indents and often give them a platform.

How much control do we have in shaping our own identities?
Like most things its a real mix of environment and fate. I like to to think I have control of who I am and the interests and education I decide to indulge in but I’ll always have influence from the people I surround myself in and the way I grew up.

Were you part of any "sub-culture" growing up?
I was totally the kid wearing all black and listening to music too loud in the back of biology class. Not sure how much of a subculture that is but I’ll let you put it into one. I mostly hung out with skaters and kids that formed 
unsuccessful bands in their garage.

How important is fashion in communicating who you are?
Fashion is who you are without saying a word. It’s both your first impression and your last but it isn’t everything in between.

We love the way you express yourself throught what you wear. What are you working on next?
For me my next step is creating something of my own to share with the world. The worlds give me so much and its my turn to give back. That’s all I’m going to say