For the second interview we talk to Romain Sellier. His book Bandra Sentimental was a huge inspiration to us for our Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The book is a beautiful depiction of everyday streetstyle that comes from a natural sensibility within and not from the will to make a statement. For more of his work check out his instagram here.

What does identity mean to you?
Well for me the meaning seems to change according to age…I used to be obsessed with having my own peculiar style, tastes and opinions..I am now more in the process of being a bit more laid back with it and trying to be more indulgent towards myself, so it pretty much sums up to : what brings me joy on a daily basis, even if it s not very original...

How does fashion impact the way we express our identity?
I think fashion is an extension of our can tell quite a lot on how someone is dressed , wether it feels right or fake, wise or crazy, trying to fit or not..and on a wider level it even tells something about a culture a country.. it s very interesting.. I think France for instance is good at mixing a bit of everything making it commercial yet a bit refined.. but we re not as creatives as other country..and it tells something about our psyche:)

Were you part of any "sub-culture" growing up?
I grew up in a provincial town and was always dreaming of Paris.. so I was always torn between showing I had better taste and style knowledge than everyone else and the strong desire to fit in.. so I was a low key fashionista I guess .. a bit schizophrenic.. I was a huge fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg and River Phoenix and admired their style..

How much control do we have in shaping our own identity?
I think control should only be used for respectful reasons like a job interview or a funeral.. the rest of the time one should be pretty free with whatever she or he wants to be or look like .. that being said my old neurosis of "fitting in" is still quite present and I always control a bit the way I look so it doesn’t strike out too much and I make sure it s age appropriate.. but I m not a good example and I have a lot of admiration for people who are extremely free with their appearance..

How do you work with the concept of identity in your photography?
In my work fashion is always an excuse or just a tool .. I love fashion but my main focus is that the sensitivity I feel or fantasize of the model  is shown.. but sometimes the garment underlines or even unleashes this sensitivity.. that s when it s Magical..When fashion is just here to help show someone’s uniqueness and fragility.

What are you working on at the moment?
At the moment I am fiinalizing my second book that should be out before summer.. it s called SUMMER SEQUENCES. And it’s a serie of images i shot on the beach last summer .. I shot random people on the beach..To circle back to your theme ; we do not know where these individuals come from, what are their origins, nationality or social background. There is a very special uniformity on the beach that does not exist anywhere else. A general joy or boredom, a return to innocence. It’s more of a group identity rather than an individual one.