As an addition to the Spring/Summer 2021 collection, Schnayderman’s is releasing a collaborative capsule collection together with Swedish jewellery brand Kultur 5.

The collaboration enhances the overall theme "Identity" of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The two brands come together in a clash, creating four pieces of jewellery that elevates the feeling of intersubjectivity in the collaboration and creates a common expression. This resulted in an eclectic mix of interpretations of the theme that contributes to a more multifaceted offering and well-rounded assortment.

All the pieces are divided in half, as a symbol for each brands´ perspective. Half of each piece of jewellery has the background of Kultur 5 and the other half reflects the aesthetics of Schnayderman's. The barren west coast meets a straighter, simpler and pure expression. The materials are ethically sourced and meticulously processed into final form. All pieces are hand crafted at the Kultur 5 workshop, in close collaboration with a foundry outside Stockholm.

“Right from the start, we did not want to compromise on the fact that it is actually two brands that creates one unit. Co-creating is about developing objects that are between us that have properties from both brands, but get their own identity as soon as you start making them” says Jonatan Härngren Creative Director and Founder of Kultur 5.

Schnayderman’s create collections for the Weird and the Wonderful. The thoughtful designs envision a world where the Weird and the Wonderful are not only necessary, but celebrated. It is the Weird and the Wonderful who drive things forward with new ideas for how to consider not only the world, but ourselves. They question the norm, simply by being themselves.

Kultur 5 was launched in 2020 and initiated by Jonatan Härngren, the brand has its workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. It is an ongoing project exploring, documenting, and defining the space in between. The project invites people with different backgrounds to workshops, where studies are made on materials and objects.

The collection is available here and at selected retailers.

Schnayderman's x Kultur 5
Kultur 5 ring
Schnayderman's suit
Kultur 5 necklace
Kultur 5 ring necklace
Kultur 5 bracelet
Kultur 5 brooch bracelet
Kultur 5 bracelet