Together with Opening Ceremony Japan we are launching a collaboration based on the traditional Swedish pastry “Semla”.

We wanted to create a symbol that could both capture a piece of our Swedish culture as well as recognise Opening Ceremony’s playful aesthetic.

“I have spent a lot of time in Japan and noticed the love that the Japanese people have for pastries such as the “Mont Blanc” and the “Melonpan”. It made me think to introduce the Swedish pastry “Semla” as the perfect symbol for this collaboration”, says Creative Director Hampus Bernhoff.

The “Semla” has been eaten since the 18th century and is one of the most loved food icons in Sweden. It consists of a cardamom-spiced wheat bun which has its top cut off and then filled with a mix of milk and almond paste, topped with whipped cream. The symbol is visible on five of Schnayderman’s key items as an embroidered patch as well as an allover print.

There is also an Oxford Fil Coupé fabric developed in Italy specifically for this project with the Semla symbol woven into the fabric in different colours.