In a previously loud coffeeshop in Stockholm’s ”Biblioteksstan”, we have found the ideal location for our first retail space. The store, which is located on Mäster Samuelsgatan 10, a vibrant part of the city’s high end retail offering, is opening its doors on December 7th.

In a time when the market shifts to online, we believe it is equally important to create a physical environment to manifest our aesthetic further and offer an arena where people can interact with us and discover the progression of our shirts

The store has been developed in collaboration with architects Bozartfornell. The concept draws inspiration from a play on contrasts, where the outside meets the inside, balancing these elements against each other.



Triggered by the friction between when opposites meet, the store is partitioned into two sections that offer an interesting mix of elements; hard surfaces meet soft textures, rich colours interrupt monochromatic hues and bold structures contrast intricate detailing. A diversity of these influences are combined to push our aesthetic further without stepping away from our core philosophy – creating uncomplicated and versatile designs.



The bespoke bench and display structure in the middle of the store is a focal point inspired by artist and architect Egon Möller-Nielsens stone benches in the subway at T-Centralen in Stockholm. The abstract organic shape of the piece is sculpted in a mint green glass fiber material that obstructs the clean solid lines and subdued tones of the room.


The muted backdrop is constructed out of big sheets of stone that is riveted against the walls harmonising with the concrete flooring that creates a industrial feel. The space is separated by reed glass panels that gives a sense of division without obstructing the light and gives a hint of the back of the store where different shades of green textures are prominent. A considered effort has been made to create a space that compliments and accentuates the shirts in an effortless way.

The shirts are merchandised hanging on an industrial metal rack running alongside the store wall as well as folded into a custom built shelf system, where mirrors display the shirts in a clever way.

We are excited to share our vision and look forward to seeing you at Mäster Samuelsgatan 10.