For Autumn Winter 2022, we are inspired by the idea of allowing ourselves to start dreaming again. During the pandemic you might have felt stuck in a loop, with no escape and then another 6 months comes along lacking the width of opportunities that we took for granted before. To dream is to be able to create scenarios that are yet to be and in these we have found
hope to be able to continue to develop ourselves as a brand.

The Autumn/Winter 2022 collection was presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week with a fictional fashion show titled "The Dreamer, The Fool". Watch the full presentation here.

Taking inspiration from tarot cards and dreamy landscapes, we have amped up the aesthetic without compromising on the timeless designs. Contrast is a key word for the season with brushed and washed out textures that meet shiny surfaces and bold pops of colour. There are two clearly different segments in the collection; On one hand we have a section of more formal tailoring pieces in contrast to stand out pieces like the eccentric illusion prints and torn knits in bold colors and slightly unconventional cuts.

“The situation during the pandemic has given us our fair share of realism and as a result we felt an urge to look towards the future and what that might have in store for us. However, by allowing yourself to dream, you also expose yourself for potential failure and that vulnerability is something that we wanted to embrace in this collection.” says Creative Director Hampus Bernhoff

Look out for our new double breasted tailored jackets, the extended trouser section as well as an increase in the Non-Binary styles that we carry. A focus has been to expand our luxury knitwear range as well as the continuation of our Mohair knitwear that we have become known for. Lastly our own developed jersey section is updated with fresh colours, silhouettes and washes.

As always, we have kept our production as close to us as possible, working exclusively with European fabric mills and factories. We aim to make clothes that will stand the test of time, putting quality and design in the forefront of our mission.

The first drop from the collection is now available at and selected retailers.