Inspired by 90’s aesthetic, we explore bigger volumes and utility detailing whilst expanding the collection into knits, coats and trousers. The shirt is the heart and foundation of Schnayderman’s, but we wanted to look at other wardrobe staples that complements it. This enabled us to create a full look and to enhance the Schnayderman’s aesthetic. The age of approaching adulthood and the time you muster into the army led us to the idea of growing into bigger silhouettes and attracted us to oversized coats, jackets and shirts. Large army jackets are juxtaposed with drapey viscose shirts in camouflage prints and contrast stitching. Other military references such as rips top fabrics, utility pockets and waffle textures run throughout the collection. The colours range from military greens and beiges, cadmium reds, blues, shades of black and the occasional bursts of orange.

Inspired by growing up during the 90’s and how some of our childhood aesthetic follow us into adulthood resulted in a collaboration with Swedish illustrator Mia Nilsson. Together we reworked 90’s collector card aesthetics into Schnayderman’s prints and woven patches placed on T- shirts, Sweaters and Shirts. We continued to work into sets, where every trousers has a matching coat, jacket or overshirt in the collection which is our way of looking at the modern suit. A new category this season is the knitwear. The crewneck is knitted in Italy and offered in two qualities - Mohair and Wool Cashmere. Both are circular knitted which means that the garments are seamless and has a much better fit then traditional flat knitting.