For Spring/Summer 2020, we based the collection on being in the now and draws inspiration from maps and GPS slogans in a journey about finding strength where you currently are. We took a philosophical turn for Spring/Summer 2020 and built the collection on the statement ”You are here” as a metaphor for our current times and how we relate to the past, present and the future. We wanted to embrace the idea of being in the now whilst navigating through the constant motions of life and to try to shift the focus to where we stand rather than where we ́re going.

This concept manifests in GPS slogans such as "You are here" and "Recalculating" that are embroidered on jackets and sweatshirts as well as the seasonal prints of astrological charts and heatmaps in relaxed summer qualities. Pieces such as the Overshirt Boxy and Trouser set, are hand painted with splash effects as if a fast forward motion has stuck to the garments as a memory. Each one of these items will have a paint pattern that is individual to the wearer - in the same way as everyone’s journey through life is unique. The collection has a light and airy feel with bigger volumes meeting classic cuts. There is also a contrast in drapy materials mixes in modal, tencel, silk and viscose against textural natural fibers in cotton and linen. Although emphasis has been put on sourcing new materials and exploring bigger silhouettes, there has been an intentional focus on the brand's current product groups.