Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection is inspired by alternative concepts of time. Ebracing the circular notion of time, the collection feeds on the zeitigeist of today whilst looking at the past to create a fresh look for the future. 

The collection features cuts and silhouettes inspired by 50’s couture garments mixed with a bit of 90’s nostalgia cut in contemporary fabrics. As always, the mixture of different materials and rich textures are important ingredients in our aesthetic. Modern techniques and utility detailing meet frayed indigo textures, ripstop cotton nylons, high twist poplines and brushed mohair knits in crisp colours ranging from blue hues, sandy beiges, deep burgundies with hints of vibrant yellows and oranges.

Each garment should be a companion in your everyday life and the collection as a whole aim to make you feel unique and relevant, with a quality that can stand the test of time.

The future is behind you is a reflection of our relationship with the concept of time. There are political views that seem to transgress backwards as we are simultainously moving forward so fast that we barely have the time to realise that the moment has already passed

This season we have further developed our knitwear range, featuring the circular knitted pieces we have become known for but also a few pieces made with advanced knit techniques in new silhouettes. Some of the more eccentric pieces like the Mega Shirts are an exploration of our roots in shirting whilst balancing it out with upscaled classics like the Non Binary Shirt, Overshirt Chore and Army Coat. 

As always the production and fabric quality is of the highest standard with a focus on sustainable solutions. The fabrics are sourced in Europe with suppliers and manufacturers based in Portugal and Italy.